At Drone List we have a goal, a mission, a vision.

We would like to educate the public in the ways that drones can be used safely and responsibly. All too often we hear the dreaded news reports from scaremongering journalists. This can largely be attributed to the lack of knowledge and education.

How do we help?
At Drone List we provide advertising for any drone operator with the correct permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK. We offer this service completely free of charge in the hope that it will stimulate growth, popularity and above all: promote safety.

We are not trying to profiteer or make money like some other ‘registers’. We are promoting safety.

Currently you will find a large number of people flying drones for money are doing so illegally. They haven’t received the right training and frankly, could be a danger to the public. Because we offer our services for free, there is no reason for a legal operator not to sign up with us and advertise. Next time you need a drone, look at us first and see who is close to you.

By listing with Drone List, you are helping the cause. Lets work together and educate the public.

Anybody hiring an operator listed with Drone List can rest assured they are not hiring an illegal pilot.