As a drone operator you may have seen a new company on the block recently offering to take your aerial photographs and print them in all their glory upon a canvas. We often see companies come and go, making all sorts of claims, so we thought we’d try out their services and see if their products live up to the hype.

First of all, I must thank Rory of Sky Vertical for letting me use one of their images for this review. I decided that I wanted to use a photograph that had lots of contrast and detail so one of Rory’s costal shots fit the bill perfectly.

So what does Aerial Prints offer?
Aerial prints are a white label, drop shipping,  print service that allow you to have your images turned into canvas or poster prints for your customers. Simply order online and within a couple of days your customer will have their new print arrive through the post. The beauty of this service is that the package includes no hint of who the product was printed by. No invoice, no label, no flyers. This means you can resell these prints for a profit and that is the key to using this service effectively. Sure, we all know of some larger online printing companies that may sell their services for next to nothing but that almost always means you will compromise on quality and you cant have these sent directly to a customer because of the additional information they’ll include in the package.

Quality you say?canvas 2
So when our canvas arrived in the post I was absolutely blown away with the canvas. I ordered an A3 canvas with a 38mm deep frame. The print quality is exceptional picking out every single bit of detail and the framing has been done to a very high standard. I personally own several canvases and never have I seen this kind of quality.

Should I actually use Aerial Prints?
In my humble opinion… Yes. You may be the worlds best aerial photographer but unless the printing is done to this level, your photos will do you or your company no justice. You will know that your photographs represent you and your company. Use Aerial Prints and you will impress anybody!

You said there was a discount?
Yes! We have now teamed up with Aerial Prints to offer our listed operators an exclusive 15% discount. If you have an active listing with us at Drone List you will be able to see the discount code below. Simply enter this on checkout.

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Where can I find Aerial Prints?