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Siteflight | Aerial & Ground-based videography

Video doesn’t require navigating or scrolling so is ideal for mobile devices, where even after a hard day at work, people will still sit and watch a video.

So what can we do for you?
Recording in 4K UHD as standard, we specialise in creating promotional videos to showcase businesses.

Aerial footage
And where it is safe and legal, as we hold a Permission (PfCO) from the CAA, we can take aerial photos or footage too.

About us?
We’re a ‘one man band’ (plus dog) with low overheads who just wants to make cool videos. We won’t ever make a video showing Brian from accounts explaining how turnover has increased in the last year as there aren’t many people who want to watch a video like that. And yet they are still being made…..Sorry Brian.

Instead we’ll choose an appropriate music track for the 15% of viewers that watch videos on mobile devices with the sound on.

Video doesn’t necessarily have to explain what you do per se as sometimes, just being out there is enough. Think of it as a film trailer.

With video set to be 80% of internet traffic in 2019 and even Facebook reporting that the social network could become “all video” within the next five years we think this says it all. So don’t be shy, contact us for a quote or ask for more information. Our videos are typically a few hundred pounds, not thousands.

Thank you.
(+44)7419 211721

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